Welcome to the Blue Collar Rust Store! 

Memberships and RP purchases work across all Blue Collar Rust servers with a single purchase.

All other items can be redeemed on Original PvPvE or Lite PvE with each purchase.

All items are available for all servers, with the exception of the CH47 Chinook vehicle license, which is limited to only the BCR Lite PvE server.

All sales are final. Refunds for memberships may only be given within 7 days of original purchase.
If you have any issues with the online store, please email BlueCollarRust@gmail.com for assistance.

Membership Packages
Trial VIP:
Elite VIP:
Reserved VIP:

Membership Comparisons
Plugin / AbilityDefaultVIPEliteReserved
Gather Rate4x4x5x6x
Quarry Gather Rate1x1x2x3x
Rows in Backpacks2468
Offline Time for Abandoned Bases48 Hours96 HoursUnlimitedUnlimited
Create Abandoned Base raidcosts RPcosts RPfreefree
Cost to use Skinbox  /skincosts RPcosts RPfreefree
Workbench Extendednonoyesyes
Use of Sign Artist   /silnonoyesyes
Crafting Speed1/21/21/4Instant
Use of Mobile Recycler  /recnonoyesyes
Use of Custom Genetics  /setgenesnonoyesyes
Spawn-Kit Tierrockstonemetalsalvaged
Use of Absolut Sortrnonoyesyes
Horse Breed Costs  /horsecosts RPcosts RPfreefree
Ability to Lock Furnacesnonoyesyes
Use of Auto Base Upgradenonoyesyes
Use of Chest Stackingnonoyesyes
Use of Enhanced Hammernoyesyesyes
Teleport Uses1x2x3xUnlimited
Access to Quick Sortnoyesyesyes
Infinite Candle Fognoyesyesyes
RP Multiplier1x2x3x4x
Rewards for /vip usagenone1500 RP3000RP + 1 Supply Drop4500 RP + 2 Supply Drops
Name Color in ChatBlueGoldDark GoldMidnight Blue
Access to Private Sandbox Servernononoyes