Monthly Donor

20.00 USD

The Monthly Donor package does NOT contain any of the perks that are offered through the one-time purchase, VIP Membership.

For those that want to support the server even more.

Monthly Donors gain the ability to gather at 5x (instead of 4x), their Pumpjacks and Mining Quarries have increased output.

In-game perks for Monthly Donors include:
- Triple RP for activities
- Gather rate increased to 5x
- Increased gather rate for Pumpjacks and Quarries
- Instant Crafting
- Bases never become Abandoned, regardless of offline time
- Use of /donor once every 24 hours to receive 1,500 RP and one supply signal
- Mobile recycler with /rec
- Use of /setgenes {xxxxxx} to change the genes of any seed/clone you're currently holding.
- Ability to claim Donor Kit once per wipe, which includes a free Mini Copter license. (details below)
- Upgraded Auto (starting) Kit
Use of Absolut Sorter
- Ability to lock furnaces and composters
- Use of /sar which enables players to start an abandoned base raid. Must have access on TC to utilize
- Dark gold name in chat

Donors will also receive access to a Donor Channel in the Discord server; Donors will be given more updates and information about current and future events with Blue Collar Rust, and will also be able to give more direct input on possible changes/ideas for the server.

This is a monthly reoccurring purchase. If the subscription is canceled, the perks will be terminated when the subscription would have renewed.

Donor Kit Contains (use /kit to redeem):
- 2x BCR Armored Door
- 1x Hammer
- 1x Building Plan
- 1x Small Furnace
- 1x Tool cupboard
- 1x Tier2 Workbench
- 2x Code Locks
- 2x Med Syringes
- 6x Pumpkins
- 25,000x Wood
- 20,000x Stone
- 10,000x Metal Frag
- 1,000x HQM
- 2x Door Closers
- 2x Glass Windows
- 2x Metal Shop Front
- 1x Supply Signal
- 1x Jackhammer
- 1x Chainsaw

You will receive a message at the top of your screen once activated. You may need to re-log on the server for all perks to fully activate.