Reserved VIP

30.00 USD

Reserved VIP Members are the top-tier members of the BCR Community. Because of this, membership to the Reserved VIP group is limited to 30 players at any given time.

Members are able to access the private BCR Reserved sandbox build server.

Reserved VIP includes all of the perks that Elite VIP members receive, plus these additional perks:
- Gather rate increased to 6x
- Rate for Pumpjacks and Quarries tripled
- Additional /backpack storage (8 rows of storage)
- Instant Crafting
- Upgraded starting kit - Salvaged Tools
- Unlimited Teleport Uses
- 4x RP gained
- Daily reward of 4500 RP and two supply drops with /vip
- Midnight Blue name in chat

You will receive a message at the top of your screen once activated. You may need to re-log on the server for all perks to fully activate.