Elite VIP

15.00 USD

Elite VIP includes all of the perks that normal VIP members receive, plus these additional perks:

- Gather rate increased to 5x
- Rate for Pumpjacks and Quarries doubled
- Additional /backpack storage (6 rows of storage)
- Faster Crafting
- Bases never become Abandoned, regardless of offline time
- Mobile recycler with /rec
- Use of /setgenes {xxxxxx} to change the genes of any seed/clone you're currently holding.
- Ability to claim Elite Kit once per wipe, which includes a free Mini Copter license. (details below)
- Upgraded starting kit - Metal Tools
Use of Absolut Sorter
- Ability to lock furnaces and composters
- Free use of /sar to create abandoned base raids
- Extended Workbench
- Use of Sign Artist - /sil
- No cost to change horse breeds - /horse
- Use of Auto Base Upgrading
- Use of Chest Staking
- Increased Teleport Uses
- Triple RP gained
- Daily reward of 3000 RP and a supply drop with /vip
- Dark gold name in chat

Elite Kit Contains (use /kit to redeem):
- 2x BCR Armored Door
- 1x Hammer
- 1x Building Plan
- 1x Small Furnace
- 1x Tool cupboard
- 1x Tier2 Workbench
- 2x Code Locks
- 2x Med Syringes
- 6x Pumpkins
- 25,000x Wood
- 20,000x Stone
- 10,000x Metal Frag
- 1,000x HQM
- 2x Door Closers
- 2x Glass Windows
- 2x Metal Shop Front
- 1x Supply Signal
- 1x Jackhammer
- 1x Chainsaw

You will receive a message at the top of your screen once activated. You may need to re-log on the server for all perks to fully activate.